We work with leaders and teams to claim and amplify what is true, what is truer and what is truest about their work in the world.


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Kemp Battle works with organizations to build compelling strategies and institutional capacity. Individuals, whether they serve in the board room or the mail room, make an impact when they can clearly see themselves in the work of their organization. Battle helps teams identify their own internalized understanding of what is truly at stake not only for themselves, but for the system they serve. Unexpected and amazing synergies happen when people wake to their self-responsibility and commit to a shared focus.


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Kerissa is an accomplished not-for-profit entrepreneur and advisor with extensive experience conceptualizing and developing initiatives for organizational impact, especially within networked organizations. She understands the links that are possible between the public and private sector and has skillfully bridged the divide between academia and entrepreneurship. An accomplished lecturer, she has also developed, evaluated and implemented science, environmental and teacher training programs in multiple university, K-12 and community education settings. Her work as a creative mentor and backcountry field guide brings innovative methodology and technique to her facilitation work in NGO and corporate settings, most recently at PBS, Northeastern University and The American Council on Education.


Whether working with large for-profit partners in joint ventures or developing conservation initiatives between federal land management agencies and regional nonprofits, we have found a core practice common to successful alliances: the ability for teams to see their own work in the work of others. We call it translational strategic thinking, where individuals in communities of practice listen, discuss, and reflect, seeking to identify common interests and aspirations with others who may initially seem to share little of either.

We realize that our seemingly different skill sets are, in fact, deeply complimentary. All of us understand organizations and the management challenges that can obstruct new initiatives. We are committed to the creation of resilient and generative networks. We believe in power of self-responsible leaders to transform the world. Wherever appropriate, we combine our skills and passions to work with teams and their purposeful intentions.

Allies & Comrades



Carla Rozman is a graphic designer specializing in branding, website design and compelling graphics for marketing and sales. She specializes in problem solving and design strategy – listening and getting to the heart of a project quickly with powerful results.


Mr. Nesbit is a behavioral consultant who increases organizational effectiveness by enhancing communication, developing teamwork, and guiding culture change. He brings over forty years of diverse experience in communication technologies from his work as a psychotherapist, group therapist, trainer, and consultant.


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Morgan has worked as lead strategic advisor to both public and private companies. He addresses the challenging internal issues that many organizations are faced with, while also facilitating the type of long-term thinking that leads to actionable growth plans. In addition, he represents his clients in M&A processes and in the facilitation of strategic partnerships. His sector expertise focuses on educational publishing, educational technology, consumer products, and media.


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Taylor brings a strong foundation in strategic analysis, transaction structuring and partnership development. He is a problem solver with the ability to translate complex business issues into concise frameworks and determine actionable solutions. He helped put together the strategic partnership between Mazin Education and Brightbytes, and his strategic advisory work with PBS opened the team to innovate new approaches to impact through educator engagement.


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“Leadership is not defined by the exercise of power but by the capacity to increase the sense of power among those led.

The most essential work of the leader is to create more leaders.”