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Mr. Nesbit is a behavioral consultant who increases organizational effectiveness by enhancing communication, developing teamwork, and guiding culture change. He brings over forty years of diverse experience in communication technologies from his work as a psychotherapist, group therapist, trainer, and consultant.

His unique abilities and interests lie in being a catalyst for change that enhances the ability of individuals and groups to achieve their highest goals. He has the ability to establish a high level of rapport with a very wide range of people. He joins them in their work experience and is able to understand and articulate their strengths and their needs. He then becomes a catalyst for individual, group, and corporate best work.

The services he has provided have included: culture assessment, team building, executive coaching, communication skill assessment, design and implementation of unique training for individuals or groups, meeting facilitation, conflict management and modeling of excellence.

His client experience includes: Blair Corporation, Cardinal Business Media Inc., The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, The Head Start Program of Bucks County, Independence Blue Cross of Philadelphia, ING Bank of North America, Keane, Kraft Foods, Maritrans Partners Ltd., Modern Group Ltd., Nationwide/Provident Financial Services, Numerous Episcopal Parishes, Osteotech, Pharmacia Deltec, Pocono Lake Preserve, Princeton University Press, Provident Mutual Insurance Company, Providian Insurance Company, Ronald McDonald House of Philadelphia, Schramm Inc., Sentinel Sprinkler Company, The State of Delaware, Valquip corporation, and We Love Country.

Mr. Nesbit earned a B.A. degree in Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. He is nationally certified as a practitioner of Group Psychotherapy, Sociometry, and Psychodrama. He is also nationally certified as a master practitioner and trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming. • (267) 374-2818